Tenant Referencing

Tenant referencing Our friends at Rent4sure – the leading tenant referencing service in the UK – will carry out the referencing. Just complete the form below and call us if you need any assistance in completing the order. Right to rent checks can be carried out as part of the referencing process.

More information on why tenant referencing is important can be found at rent4sure.com

Full References

Our Full Reference includes all the features of a Credit Check, plus full Income and previous Landlord / Managing Agent references. The Income Report provides confirmation of multiple sources of income, bonuses(guaranteed or non-guaranteed), savings, employment contract dates, and a personal declaration as to whether or not their employer finds the applicant honest, reliable, and trustworthy. The Previous Tenancy report provides confirmation of the rent they paid, the condition they left the property in, any arrears, and whether or not the Landlord would re-let to the applicant.

Rent guarantee insurance Once all tenants (or their guarantors) have passed referencing with our partners at Rent4sure, your tenancy becomes eligible for rent guarantee insurance. This covers you against non-payment of rent and legal expenses
incurred should you have to evict your tenants. More details on Rent4sure’s rent guarantee insurance can be found at [insert link]