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Please note as a landlord you must have the items listed below. All services are provided at an extra cost from Letu.

Legal must-haves

  • EPC
  • EICR

What we recommend



EPC An energy performance certificate (EPC) gives home owners and tenants a detailed assessment of a
property’s energy efficiency rating in terms of its environmental impact. The government
introduced EPCs in 2007 to help the country reduce its CO2 output. EPCs assess buildings by
giving them a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from A to G, where
A is the best and with the average to date being D/E. An EPC lasts 10 years. From April
2018, it will be illegal to rent any residential property with an EPC Rating below E.

Gas safety inspections must be carried out by a
registered gas engineer who is Gas Safe registered. For more information on Gas Safety
Certificates, click on [link to government site about gas safety certs]. If you are ready
to book a visit from an engineer, complete the form below.

Right to rent As a private landlord, you must do a ‘right to rent check’ on
all tenants before you rent them a home in England. This means you must check their
immigration status and that of anyone aged 18 or over who will be living at the property.
You must ask to see their passport or other official documents that prove their immigration
status. You must take copies of these documents and keep the copies safe. Our friends at
Rent4sure can carry out these checks for you – just tick the box for right to rent check when
completing the referencing application. Go to [ Right to rent documents check insert link] to find out what documents
are acceptable.

AST An assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST) allows a landlord to let out a
property to a tenant while retaining the right to repossess the property at the end of the
term of the tenancy. However, the landlord will need to give the tenant at least two months’
notice of any reoccupation. If the landlord and tenant wish to extend the original period of
the tenancy, a new agreement should be created.

All AST agreements must now have as an addition the prescribed information for tenants,
which is essentially a form detailing how much deposit has been paid, which government
scheme it is protected by and more. Here at Letu, we can draw up your
tenancy agreement for you using our unique ‘AST builder’, which will include all the
prescribed information you need to provide along with the ‘how to rent guide’ for tenants,
making sure you are fully compliant with the law. See [insert link] for the tenants’ ‘how to rent

Photographs and floor plan Having good-quality photos and a floor plan will always
help when advertising a property for rent. Photographs let tenants see your property at its
best, and a floor plan will give them a good idea if the property’s layout and
dimensions would suit their requirements. Simply complete the order form below to order
your photography or floor plan.

Tenant referencing Our friends at Rent4sure – the leading tenant referencing service in the UK –
will carry out the referencing. Just complete the form below and call us if you need any assistance in
completing the order. Right to rent checks can be carried out as part of the referencing process.
See more information on right to rent checks at [insert link]

More information on why tenant referencing is important can be found at [insert link –
(find the link on rent4sure site)]

Rent guarantee insurance Once all tenants (or their guarantors) have passed
referencing with our partners at Rent4sure, your tenancy becomes eligible for rent
guarantee insurance. This covers you against non-payment of rent and legal expenses
incurred should you have to evict your tenants. More details on Rent4sure’s rent guarantee
insurance can be found at [insert link]

Deep cleaning Deep cleaning your property before the start of any tenancy is always
important, as it shows the tenant your property in the state in which you expect them to return it
at the end of the tenancy.

Inventory Essentially, an inventory is a listing of all the contents of a property
and a record of the condition of each item, as well as the condition of the property itself. An
inventory is designed to help keep track of the condition of a property and any furniture,
fixtures, fittings and white goods before a tenant moves in and when they leave, so it can be
made clear what damages, if any, need to be paid for by the tenant and what could be
considered fair wear and tear. Any deposit protection scheme [hyperlink to the
deposit protection page] will want an inventory as evidence of the property’s condition
if there are any disputes over the return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy.