About us

Welcome to letu.co.uk.

Letu is an online lettings agency, designed for landlords and renters.

Letu has been designed and produced by four regular guys with an idea: one has extensive experience in the rental sector; one is a landlord; one is a design guru with simplicity in mind; and one we call the digit, as he only thinks in zeros and ones.

We designed Letu to be an easy-to-use virtual online assistant for landlords to advertise their property directly on the major platforms. We also offer access to every service landlords require via the client dashboard. Letu has been built by people who understand people, and is quick, affordable and intuitive.

The Letu story began on a cold winter’s night in late 2017. The landscape for the lettings market in the UK was fast changing, and landlords were looking for value for money and simplicity. We recognised that landlords were looking for an alternative to the traditional high-street lettings agent, with their huge commissions and keen to close a deal fast. We began researching different designs and website development platforms.

Our main objective was to to keep our idea as simple and easy to use as possible – which it turned out wasn’t that simple after all! Finally, however, in August 2018, letu.co.uk became a reality. We are now available to use for the ever-expanding lettings market in London and the rest of the UK.

Letu enables landlords to let their property with minimum contact, in three simple steps. They can register for free and access their own online work space/dashboard, upload their listing and check for additional purchases using our landlord checklist, all easily accessible via their dashboard. Once their listing appears on the major platforms, landlords can organise their own viewings, vet their tenants and use our tenant referencing combined with a rent guarantee insurance to protect their investment, all with ease and simplicity.

Best of all, we are always available to help.